Goals & Objectives


In our approach we develop planning solutions that are suited to each and every client’s personal objectives.

In today’s dynamic world, successful people find themselves with the challenge of trying to balance ever expanding responsibilities. Concerns over business, family, social and personal lives can crowd out efforts to develop an effective financial plan. Instead of developing a strong unified approach to their finances, many people adopt a scattered “piece-meal” approach.

A unified approach to financial planning begins with an accurate analysis of your present financial position. After a review of your long and short term goals, a plan must be developed to help you realize those goals. Lastly, and perhaps the most important step, is to commit yourself to ongoing review of the plan so that it can be adjusted to reflect changes that occur in your life. Summit Financial, LLC strives to develop a unified comprehensive approach to financial planning for all of our valued clients.

We Recognize Clients have Unique Personal and Financial Goals.

True financial planning begins with where you are today, defining where you want to be and how you want to live your retirement years, mapping a strategy to get there and ensuring that you stay on course. Summit’s unified approach to personal and business financial planning starts with clear understanding of your goals and objectives.

Our ultimate goal is providing you with world-class financial direction that helps your dreams come to fruition. We do so through the wide variety of disciplines you’ll learn about on our Comprehensive Financial Planning pages, including the staples for successful clients such as financial, estate, tax and retirement planning.

Within these broader areas of focus, we’ll do the little things that add up to a healthy ‘big picture’ financially. Some of the areas we explore for possible benefits to our clients:

  • Reduction of estate taxes
  • Personal and/or corporate income taxes savings
  • Protecting family income in the event of death or disability
  • Increase retirement income
  • Fringe and pension benefits
  • Minimizing health care costs
  • Planning for business succession and/or exit strategies
  • Creating a plan for business continuity
  • Analyze investment portfolios for optimal risk and return
  • Eldercare planning

Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive financial plan encompassing virtually every aspect of your financial life, or specific advice in one or more special areas, we will listen closely to you and take the worry out of reaching your personal and financial goals.