Investment Planning


“One of the mistakes many investment managers make is to bet on the future by figuring out what did best in the past. At Summit Financial we believe in looking forward instead, because a lot of the assumptions of the past 10 or so years are no longer valid. We design portfolios that anticipate as many variables as possible – where the economy is going, where interest rates and inflation are headed, the profits outlook, and so on.”

“What’s most important of all is to build the portfolio that’s the best fit for each client, taking into account many factors such as the client’s age, his or her tolerance for risk, personal goals, tax consequences, and so forth.”

“An effective Investments Plan is just one element of the Comprehensive Financial Plans Summit develops for its clients. Everything flows from this plan.”

Steven Weinman

President & Chief Investment Officer

Summit Financial, LLC

Investment Planning—It is not just Investment Products.

Having endured a significant recession, and a stock market roller coaster ride that has created fear among all investors, it is no wonder that people are having second thoughts about their money managers and financial advisors. For many the biggest issues are integrity and trust. Who can you trust to help you make smart financial decisions and to manage your money with integrity? For a growing number of high net worth clients the answer is Summit Financial, LLC.

Your investment broker or asset manager is probably focused on helping you earn the highest possible rate of return for the amount of risk that you are willing to accept. But does your broker consider how your investments and insurance should work together to help you reach your financial goals? Does he review your asset allocation decisions from an income tax perspective? Does he offer only his company’s proprietary products? Does he routinely employ modern portfolio theory to develop an investment plan?

View a short video featuring Summit’s Management Team. Here we discuss our approach to investing and planning for our high net worth clients, one that is time-tested and ever changing with the investments climate.

Here at Summit, after a detailed examination of your existing portfolio, and determining your objectives and tolerance for risk, we can identify the ideal investment opportunities for your situation. We’ll check your asset allocation for tax efficiency, coordinating your investments with your current estate or retirement plans.

As an independent firm, Summit Financial is not biased toward any investment style, strategy or products set. Instead, we consider a wide range of options, including mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), separate managed accounts, annuities, alternative investments, tactical and hedging strategies. The goal is to create a tax-efficient, global, multi-asset portfolio. To protect our clients during down markets, relatively safe investments such as cash, fixed income securities, annuities, non-correlated assets, hedging and protections strategies are included in portfolio asset allocations.