Who Are Summit’s Clients?

Our Financial Planning Clients are Successful Individuals and Businesses

Summit’s clients are individuals, families and business owners who are climbing towards or who have achieved the summit of their success. They include:

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Our clients have substantial incomes and/or high net worth personal estates or business assets, they are often faced with complex financial planning challenges that require thoughtful and sophisticated planning solutions.

Our clients care deeply about maximizing the value of their estate, and succession of their businesses in the event of death, illness or disability. They want to make sure that their heirs and beneficiaries, and in many cases that the charities they care about get the benefit of their life’s work. They care that their lives have meaning.

Summit Financial, LLC’s clients include:

Our advisors specialize in serving the specific markets listed above. These advisors have become experts in addressing and solving the unique financial challenges faced by successful people in these markets.

  • Wall Street, Banking, Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Professionals
  • Fortune 500 Executives
  • Retirees
  • Widowed Families
  • Successful Business Owners and their Businesses
  • Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Owners
  • Professionals — Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, etc.
  • Prominent Sports and Entertainment Figures
  • U.S. Citizens Working Abroad
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Families with Special Needs

In many cases our clients have been referred to Summit Financial, LLC by a friend or an associate with whom we’ve worked previously. These valued referrals flow to us because of the personal confidence and trust our clients have developed in us, and the results we have achieved for them.