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Summit’s clients are individuals, families, business owners, retirees– people who are climbing towards or who have now achieved the summit of their success.

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Wealthy individuals at or near retirement choose Summit because they care about preserving, transferring and gifting their hard-earned assets to their beneficiaries, heirs and charities. MORE

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Successful Executives across a broad spectrum of industries choose Summit Financial, LLC because of our comprehensive knowledge and approach to their financial planning needs. MORE

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Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, Athletes and other Professionals choose Summit because of the deep understanding we have of their unique needs and because of the successes we’ve had developing and implementing plans for others just like them. MORE

The most important reason high net worth individuals and  businesses make the decision to choose Summit Financial, LLC to develop and implement their Financial Plans is clear.

It’s because they have the confidence, trust, and belief in Summit’s integrity and ability to deliver a Plan that will allow them to achieve their financial goals.

Perhaps they’ve been referred by a friend or an associate who has experienced successful results from the work of their Summit Advisor and our team. Or perhaps they’ve been motivated by our web site or our brochures detailing the Summit Advantage.

In summary, here are the essential reasons you should choose Summit Financial, LLC as your Advisor:

Because your personal Summit Financial Advisor is among the most qualified people in our industry.

Summit’s senior advisors are highly credentialed financial planners with successful experience in developing financial plans that help high net worth clients achieve their personal and financial goals.

Because You are Qualified.

You’re successful and you have accumulated significant wealth.

Because You Care.

You care deeply about growing and protecting your assets, preserving your estate and sustaining your business in the event of death, illness or disability. You want to be sure that your heirs and beneficiaries, and the charities that you care about, benefit from your life’s work.

Because We Care.

Summit Advisors bring a team of specialists to the table to make sure we understand your needs, goals and dreams. We take a diligent and comprehensive approach analyzing the complexities and opportunities of your unique financial circumstances. No firms specializing in just insurance or investments offer the approach or deliver the results that Summit can.

Because We have a Proven, Trusted, Independent Approach.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve delivered results and helped high net worth clients achieve what they desire in terms of their life and financial goals. Our approach is designed for clients who face complex financial challenges requiring sophisticated financial planning strategies.

Long-term clients consistently report that trust is an important reason they rely on Summit Financial year after year. They are confident the advice they receive is objective because Summit Financial and its affiliates are privately owned, independent businesses not controlled by a large financial institution.

Because Your Success is Our Success.

With our history of proven success, and our caring, comprehensive approach, Summit Financial, LLC offers you the best opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

We’d like to hear from you.  Please Contact Us – or contact one of our Senior Financial Advisors today to arrange a confidential, no obligation interview to learn more how Summit is uniquely qualified to assist you, your family and business in achieving your dreams and financial goals.