Business Continuity Planning


Business owners who have spent years of their working life nurturing and building a successful business want to know that the business will survive after they are no longer involved. Whether your desire is to pass control of your business to heirs (or your employees), or to dispose of the business for their benefit, a proper, well thought out and researched business continuity plan will save both you and your beneficiaries money and worry.

Business Continuity Planning is far more than a Technology Strategy in the event of a Business Interruption.

Summit Financial’s Business Planning will ensure the success and continuity of your business so that your heirs and beneficiaries receive maximum financial value from your business after you are no longer there.

We begin by clarifying your goals and reviewing your current business plans. After a thorough evaluation, we will recommend the appropriate strategies and structures, maximize your business’ continuing success, and arrange for a successful transition and/or disposition of the business upon your retirement.

Services/strategies within our business planning division include:

  • Evaluation of Business Agreements
  • C vs. S Corp status
  • Business Valuation considerations
  • Family Limited Partnership vs. Limited Liability Co.
  • Valuation Discounts
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Key man Insurance/Split Dollar
  • Buy-Sell Funding-Death or Disability
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Fringe Benefits Opportunities and Gaps
  • Qualified Plans/Shelters from Taxes
  • Group Benefits for Employees
  • Using Corporate Dollars for Personal Benefits