Sophisticated Succesful Planning Strategies

How We Help Our Clients to Implement Successful Financial Plans

Summit’s clients are individuals, families and business owners who are climbing towards or who have achieved the summit of their success. They include:

Our clients are clearly differentiated by their avocations, accomplishments and by their financial standing.

Many of them within specific industries and occupations share similar challenges related to their estate accumulation, preservation and distribution. Summit Financial, LLC’s Advisors and our Team have real expertise in developing well thought out and successful plans for our clients.

Summit’s personal, unified, comprehensive approach to your financial plan is distinguished by our successful experience in helping other high net worth clients like you achieve their financial goals. Our team approach offers resources to delve into matters of consequence to your financial future that others might very well overlook.

Below are just a few examples of issues we’ve addressed and how we have approached and resolved complex financial challenges our clients in specific markets and circumstances often face.

Senior Executives/Financial Professionals:

  • Reviewing restricted stock and stock options plans
  • Helping develop an investment strategy to diversify their holdings to attain financial independence
  • Focusing on personal retirement cash flow modeling

Executives making a Career Change:

  • Evaluating current compensation packages and assisting in building criteria for a new package
  • Evaluating the financial impact of the loss of existing options, stock, and deferred compensation
  • Providing assistance in financial matters in contract negotiations


  • Constructing an investment portfolio that will generate the income necessary to maintain your standard of living in retirement;
  • Creating an estate plan that will protect and preserve your estate for your children and grandchildren;
  • Developing a plan that saves on estate taxes and also preserves the estate throughout retirement years;
  • Coordinating retirement planning with other elements of your comprehensive financial plan

Business Owners:

  • Developing a Business Continuity strategy with partners, key employees, and family members
  • Planning for transfer of business interest and/or business sale situations


  • Assisting in developing a plan to manage personal portfolio, budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Focusing on education with respect to financial and legal matters

Professional Athletes:

  • Developing a plan focused on building long term financial independence in a targeted limited high paid career
  • Transitioning into retirement from their sport and moving into a second career

Individuals Who Have Lost a Spouse:

  • Determining if the assets you have accumulated are sufficient to meet you and your family’s current and long term financial needs
  • Developing an investment plan to help you achieve financial independence

Elder Care and Special Needs Clients:

  • Reviewing options available should you require home heath care assistance, or move to an assisted living or nursing home facility now or in the future
  • Developing a plan which provides for the needs of a disabled family member, with a physical or mental disability or a chronic or acquired illness
  • Utilizing Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts and Government Assistance
  • Determining amounts needed to supplement benefits received from various governmental assistance programs
  • Restructuring investments to maximize tax-free income