For Financial Advisors

Qualities of Successful Summit Financial Advisors

Summit’s Advisors are independent and entrepreneurial business people who are intent on fully servicing their clients. As members of the Summit Team, they still complement their skills and independence by taking advantage of Summit’s platform of support services, such as legal, tax, insurance, investments, financial planning and marketing support. Learn more about qualities of successful Summit Advisors.

The Perfect Environment and Culture to Strengthen and Grow Your Planning Practice

Our firm’s independence, reputation and support platform offer great opportunity: to attract and to fully service a wealthier client base, to deliver a wider range of products and services, the best planning, insurance and investment solutions, and to reap substantial personal and financial rewards as a result.

Summit Financial, LLC is always looking to develop relationships with successful advisors who have a desire to grow in the planning business. We are interested in actively expanding strategic alliances with individuals and with firms who complement our approach in fully servicing high net worth clients with comprehensive financial planning.

If you share in our team’s successes and recognize the extraordinary value of our firm’s approach, we’d enjoy having a discussion with you about how we may work together to achieve your, our and your clients’ goals and financial success.

It is a fact that wealthy people and their businesses are drawn to Summit because of our expert, comprehensive approach, and because of the results we’ve achieved for others just like them.

Our organization also has the ability to provide outstanding opportunities to experienced financial professionals interested in improving their lives and their practices.


Consider a few questions about who you are and what you desire for your future:

  • Do you have difficulty in your current environment securing the broad range of technical, legal, para-planning, marketing and sales support you need to fully address the sophisticated financial planning needs of high income and high net worth clients and prospects?
  • Are you independent, entrepreneurial, sales-oriented, and success driven?
  • Do you have a track record of business success in servicing a well-to-do market?
  • Do you wish to expand to an even wealthier client base, or simply offer more comprehensive services in your market?
  • Do you want the personal and financial rewards that come with success in servicing an affluent client base in this industry?
  • Do you think you may be leaving money on the table for both yourself and your clients by not providing the level of comprehensive services your clients need?

If you answered “yes” to many of the above questions, then a financial planning career at Summit may be right for you.