Qualities of Successful Summit Financial Advisors

Views from our Advisors

Mike CaputoMike Caputo, MSFS, AEP joined Summit as a Senior Financial Advisor ten years ago after nearly 25 years in the financial services industry.

Prior to his joining the Summit team, Mike was President of a privately owned pension and executive benefits firm —MAC Pension, Inc., where he specialized in solving problems, reducing taxes and maximizing opportunities for business owners and wealthy individuals.

“The reason I transitioned to Summit was that I wanted to expand my own business and wealthy client base, and to offer more comprehensive and better services to my clients. This move was a natural extension of the independent, unbiased approach to planning that I’d pursued with MAC.

Summit offered me the perfect culture and support platform to do just that. They’re not only personal and comprehensive in their approach to clients, but they also offer their associates an expert and supportive team that allows me to focus on building client relationships and my business, now as President of National Wealth Advisors, Inc.”

Summit Financial, LLC’s Financial Advisors all share many of the qualities listed below.

They are independent and entrepreneurial business people.

Summit’s associates are focused on building an independent and successful business by providing the best possible service to clients over the long term.

They truly care about their clients’ success.

They are passionate about being in the full service planning business—which offers the full range of disciplines needed for wealthy clients to achieve that success.

They’re service oriented.

Our advisors want to provide clients a comprehensive range of planning services, as opposed to their being “transaction” oriented. They are not focused simply on insurance sales or asset gathering.

They’re educated and informed.

They know the planning business – many are well credentialed – and they are always looking to expand their knowledge and possibilities.

They’re Team Players.

They identify and leverage their own unique strengths and abilities, while utilizing the intellectual capital of the firm—including our strong platform of legal and tax*, insurance, benefits, investments, para-planning and marketing support services. Summit’s platform of support services aids our associates in championing success for their clients and allows them time to focus on growing their business.

They have a market.

Summit’s advisors are sales and marketing oriented. Most of them have over time developed and become well-connected to one or more well-to-do market niches.

They’re organized and driven to succeed.

They have a passion for success and continued self-improvement – a desire to be the best at what they do. Our planners recognize that their success is directly tied to the success of their clients.

Summit Financial’s advisors reap unmatched rewards because of the superior level of services they provide to high net worth, high-income clients. If these are qualities you share with our team—and that you aspire to—we’d like to hear from you and we invite you to Contact Us today.


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